The South African Quested family

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Researched & Written by Cecil Johnn extended by Carol Siedle, typed by Brenda Siedle & adapted for the web by Lance Siedle.

The Quested Family

A family who were possibly on their way to Australia originally, and forcibly saw Natal by sailing on the Minerva which came ashore off Durban. Despite having lost everything they made their mark, mainly in Natal.

 The story tells of their early attempts to earn a living around Durban before spreading out . The Kentish Tavern in town was well known. They were among the first of many sugar growers and millers by buying land from Dick King in the Isipingo area as did the Platt brothers, Jeffels and others.

 What is now Orient Park was Forest Hill, their first home in the area where they grew sugar cane before moving to Delta Estate in Isipingo Beach. Here they farmed sugar and set up a mill. The house at Delta was said to be Dick King's first residence. Both Forest Hill and Delta houses are still occupied now in 2004.

 Forest hill is on Orient Drive in Orient Park and Delta Farm is on Meer Place off Outer Circuit Road, Isipingo Beach.

                                 Carol Siedle

The Quested Crest

Quested Crest

Out of a mural coronet, a garb, theron a blackbird.

Carol & Cynthia Siedle in 1951 and then in 2001

This site is in Loving memory of our Mother & Father,

Carol and Cynthia Siedle  (Cynthia Marie Quested)


In preparing these notes recourse was made to many different sources of information both in this country and overseas.

Among others, my thanks are due to the following for the assistance they have given me in my quest :-

The Government Archives Depot, Pietermaritzburg

The Natal Society Library, Pietermaritzburg.

The Office of the Master of the Supreme Court, Pietermaritzburg

The Deeds Office, Pietermaritzburg

The Killie Campbell Africana Library, Durban.

The City Hall Library, Durban.

The Local History Museum, Durban.

The Old House Museum, Durban.

The South African Library, Cape Town.

The Ladysmith Historical Society, Ladysmith.

The Department of the Interior, Pretoria.

The National Archives of Rhodesia, Salisbury.

The Public Record Office, London.

The Scots Ancestry Research Society, Edinburgh.

I am grateful also to the various local and overseas church authorities who allowed me to examine their parish registers or who provided me with extracts and to the very large number of individuals who gave me information verbally or by correspondence from official and private sources.

Acknowledgement is made to the authors and/or editors of the many publications I have consulted, shown in the list attached as an appendix to these notes.

                      (Signed)       CCW Johnn    Pietermaritzburg    1986.

This history was reprinted by Carol Siedle as a memorial to my wife Cynthia (Quested  {050} 1925 to 2004). With thanks for the additional input and photographs from members of the Bates, Boden, Gurney, Lloyd, McIntyre, and Quested families, which added to Cynthia's collection makes the story more interesting.     

The original research was done in the 1970's and more was added in the 1980's to make up this present story possible.

                          Carol.       2004

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